New Lanyards Now Available!

Posted on August 21, 2013 by Jim B.

Are you looking for a way to add a little more personality to your monocle? Then check out our new lanyard options!

Nylon Lanyards

These are easily my favorite lanyard option. The 1.5mm diameter braided nylon cord is strong, flexible, and comes in many different colors and patterns. These really stand out and look great with any of our monocles. The neon colors are especially bright – Neon Pink is my favorite.

Satin Lanyards

Add a satin lanyard to your monocle for an added touch of class. These are 30% cotton / 70% rayon, strong, light, and very comfortable. The bright silver, gold, and navy colors really stand out; these lanyards pair very well with our Classic Monocle

Microfiber Lanyards

Choose a microfiber lanyard if you’re looking for a thicker, bolder lanyard. These lanyards are 3 mm wide; made of polyester microfiber, they are light, strong, and water resistant. A great choice for any of our monocle frames.

Ball Chain Lanyards

Made of either steel of aluminum, these lanyards are practically indestructible. Available in gunmetal, stainless steel, nickel plated steel, or shiny aluminum these are a great way to add a tougher look to your monocle. These lanyards fit well with any of our monocles, but are obvious complements to the Ruggedized Tactical and Sport monocles.

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