How to Wear a Monocle

How to wear a monocle

The galleries on our Classic Monocles make them easy and comfortable to wear.

We recommend practicing the following steps in front of a mirror.  It may take a few tries to get the hang of it; don't be discouraged if you don't get it on the first try - you'll be a monocle pro in no time.

Step #1:  Hold the monocle by the loop, with the galleries pointing up

"Galleries" are the extensions on the back of your monocle. The galleries keep the lens away from your eye and make it easy to wear your monocle hands-free. They also eliminate the unsightly "squinty look" that many people incorrectly associate with well-fitting monocles.


Step #2:  Raise your eyebrow (or make a "Wow!" face)

Raising your eyebrow makes it easier to fit the galleries in place.

The galleries on your monocle fit horizontally between your cheekbone and your brow bone (usually right under your eyebrow). The muscles around your eye and the natural tension in your skin put gentle pressure on the galleries; this tension holds your monocle comfortably and securely in place.

Step #3:  Fit the monocle in, bottom gallery first
Rest the bottom gallery on top of your cheekbone, and then fit the top gallery in just below your brow bone. Be sure to keep the monocle close to your nose for added support.

Remember - you're not trying to jam the monocle into your eye socket - ouch! You're using your facial muscles to gently grip the monocle and hold it in place.

Step #4:  Relax

The natural tension in your skin will hold your monocle in place.  You'll know that you're doing it right when your monocle feels comfortable and secure.

You should be able to move your head around in all directions (including looking down!) without your monocle falling out.

How to tell if your monocle is too large or too small

Your monocle should fit comfortably between your cheekbone and your eyebrow.  If the bottom gallery is resting on your cheekbone, and the top gallery is above your eyebrow, then your monocle is too large.

Of if you feel like your eye is "stretched" or you can see the pink skin around your eye, then your monocle is too large - we call this "the maniac look".

Alternatively, if you have to squint down on the monocle to get it to say in place, or if your monocle falls out easily, then your monocle is too small.