Monocles are for Pilots: A Real Customer Story

Posted on March 09, 2015 by James Berry

This weekend one of our customers, Rupert, emailed us to share a great monocle story.  Thank so much for sending this in, Rupert!

About forty years ago my father, an airline pilot, started wearing a monocle. Naturally we, his children, pulled his leg a bit at this, to us, eccentric piece of equipment. He, however, merely looked me in the eye and said,"You will keep."
Twenty-five years later as I, also an airline pilot, was approaching my fiftieth birthday, my father asked me one day, "How are your eyes doing, son?" To this I replied that, in poor light, in the aircraft flight deck, I was having some difficulty reading the small print in some of the publications we used.
At this point my father left the room and, upon his return said, "Hold out your hand. I have been waiting twenty-five years for this moment."  Into my outstretched palm he placed a monocle!  "Get a lens put in that," he said, "you will find it invaluable."
I did get a lens put in it, and it proved invaluable indeed. Unfortunately, I recently lost that monocle. So I am delighted to have found your company on the Web and been able to order a replacement.
And that, as requested, is my story. Two generations of pilots who found a monocle amazingly useful. One could read the small writing with one eye while having the other focused on the instruments, or outside the aircraft, and when no longer required one only had to release the grip of the eye socket for the monocle to drop down safely on its cord. Infinitely easier than using spectacles, and equally useful in any situation.

We'd love to share your monocle story, too!  Email us at

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Bifocal Monocles Now Available!

Posted on January 30, 2015 by James Berry

We’re excited to begin offering Bifocal Monocles!

We’ve heard from many of you that a single vision prescription lens isn’t enough – you want a bifocal lens in your monocle for even easier more convenient monocle use.  In the past we’ve provide bifocal lenses as a special order, but starting today we’ve incorporated bifocals into our regular product line.

Bifocal monocles are perfect for men and women who want both reading and distance corrections in their monocles.  If you’re looking up and down from something frequently then a bifocal monocle may be just what you’re looking for.

Our bifocal monocles are available in both our stainless steel and acetate frames, and in four different lens materials: CR-39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, and Glass.  We recommend a glass lens for all of our prescription monocles – including bifocals.  Glass is the most scratch-resistant lens material, and the number one concern we hear from customers is that their monocle will scratch.
Our bifocal lenses are in the traditional “Flat Top” style and do have a visible line where the correction changes.   Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer progressive lenses (also known as “no-line bifocals”) at this time.  If you’d like a progressive lens in your monocle, then please talk with your optometrist – we’re happy to supply the frame!

Our new bifocal monocles are listed as an option on our Prescription Monocles.

As always, if you have any questions please email or call – we’re happy to help!
(877) 667 - 6494

 Nearsights Monocles Bifocal Prescription Monocle

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Holiday Shipping Cutoff Dates

Posted on December 01, 2014 by James Berry

Trying to figure out if you can get your monocle delivered in time for Christmas?  We've put together a calendar of shipping cutoff dates to help - check out the details below.

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How to Wear a Monocle

Posted on August 29, 2014 by James Berry

If you can't quite get the hang of your monocle don't worry!  "How do I wear a monocle?" is the most common question we get from customers.  We've put together the guide below to help you figure things out.

We recommend practicing in front of a mirror; it should only take a few minutes before you're a monocle pro.

If you're having trouble please give us a call - we're happy to help!

(We've also included this in our FAQ Page - check there for helpful answers to other questions, too!)

Step #1: Hold the monocle by the loop, with the galleries pointing up

The galleries on the back on the monocle allow you to wear it hands-free, comfortably and securely. The galleries keep the lens away from your eye, so you avoid the unsightly "squinty look" that many people incorrectly associate with well-fitting monocles.

Step #2: Raise your eyebrow (or make a "Wow!" face)

The galleries on the monocle rest horizontally between your cheekbone and your eyebrow, and the monocle is held in place by the natural tension in your skin when you relax. Raising your eyebrow makes it easier to fit the galleries in place.

Step #3: Fit the monocle in, bottom gallery first
Rest the bottom gallery on top of your cheekbone, and then fit the top gallery in just below your eyebrow. Be sure to keep the monocle close to your nose! It's much easier to wear your monocle when it is close to your nose.

Step #4: Relax

Your monocle will fit comfortably and securely between your cheekbone and your eyebrow.

How to tell if your monocle is too large or too small

The galleries on our monocles are designed to fit comfortably between your cheekbone and your eyebrow. If the bottom gallery is resting on your cheekbone, and the top gallery is above your eyebrow, then your monocle is too large.

Of if you feel like your eye is "stretched" or you can see the pink skin around your eye, then your monocle is too large - we call this "the maniac look".

Alternatively, if you have to squint down on the monocle to get it to say in place, then your monocle is too small.

Monocles in The New York Times!

Posted on March 08, 2014 by James Berry

On Thursday, March 6th The New York Times ran a story by Allen Salkin on monocles: “One Part Mr. Peanut, One Part Hipster Chic: The Monocle Returns as a Fashion Accessory.”  The story posits that the monocle is coming back thanks to “new gents” - a “subspecies of hipsters” who have taken to wearing monocles as a fashion statement.  As is common, some details of the article were cut by the editors at The Times; you can read more detail about the story  on Allen’s blog.

Shortly after the Times published their article the topic was picked up by other media including: The Washington Post (with three blog posts here, and here, and here), The San Francisco Chronicle, and Vanity Fair.

Allen reached out to me in early-January after seeing our ad in The New Yorker Magazine; I’ve known that this was coming for a while, and I’m surprised and excited about the impact!

What do you think, is this a new fashion trend?

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Introducing 37 mm Classic Monocles in silver, gold and black!

Posted on November 25, 2013 by James Berry

A monocle that is too large is uncomfortable and can be extremely difficult to wear.  Our new 37 mm monocles are specifically designed for men and women between 5’6” and 6’0”.  And we haven’t just made our Classic Monocle smaller - we’ve redesigned it for a more modern look and an easier more comfortable fit.

The frame on our new 37’s is stainless steel - it’s strong, light, and very durable.  The lens is a high quality polycarbonate and is surfaced with an anti scratch coating for greater durability.  Every monocle includes a 100 cm (36 in) black polyester lanyard for convenient wear around your neck.

Now available in silver, gold, and - new - black finish.  Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a monocle that really fits!


Nearsights Classic Monocle in Black

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Sport Magnifiers now Available in Multiple Diopters!

Posted on October 30, 2013 by James Berry

Starting today we have Sport Magnifiers available in a full range of diopters from +1.0 to +4.0.  Previously available in only +2.0, or +3.0, we've added 5 new SKUs to give you a wider - and better - selection.

Our Sport Magnifiers are a unique reading accessory for active men and women who don't want to be bothered with cumbersome glasses.  These magnifiers have a durable and waterproof acetate frame, a high quality hard-coated polycarbonate lens, and include a 100 cm black lanyard.

Available in the following diopters:
+1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0, +3.5, +4.0

Order yours today and stay active!

PS Don't forget to follow us on Twitter (@realmonocles) for updates, pictures, and monocle fun!

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