Where can I buy a Monocle?

Posted on April 09, 2013 by Jim B.

There are only a few retailers who sell real monocles online, and it takes some pretty dedicated googling to find them all.

And - I've gone ahead and done the hard work for you.  Below is a list of online monocle retailers, plus a little commentary.  If I've missed a company, please let me know in the comments and I'll update as needed!

I hope this saves you some time and headache as you shop for a new moncole.

I’ll get the shameless plug out of the way first:


Nearsights sells real monocle eyewear for men.  We sell real monocles for real people.  We’re a family business based in San Francisco (started in Philadelphia), and we’ve been selling monocles for over 12 years.  We’re one of the few retailers who focus exclusively on monocles.  Check us out!

Nearsights monocles come in two styles: Classic and Sport.

Classic Monocles are meant to be held in the eye for comfortable hands-free magnification – reading a menu, filling in your scorecard, or tying a fly.

Sport Monocles are held in front of the eye for quick vision assistance – signing a waiver, reading instructions, or examining a family photo.

Both the Classic and Sport monocles are a great alternative to reading glasses.  They’re light weight, compact, and easy to carry.

Retailers who only sell Monocles

Smaller retailers with a tight product focus.

The Monocle Shop

The Monocle Shop is based in the UK, and has a single monocle.  It is available in silver or gold with multiple lens options.


Boutique Eyewear Companies

Specialty eyewear retailers who happen to sell monocles.

Daniel Cullen

Daniel Cullen is an independent eyewear retailer based in the UK.  They have a solid selection of monocles, lorgnettes, and pince nez glasses available.

Eyeglasses Warehouse

Eyeglasses Warehouse sells “vintage eyewear for everyday use.”  They find real vintage eyewear at auctions, store closings, or through other channels, and resell them to you.  Their inventory is one-of-a-kind and appears to turn quickly.  Sometimes they have monocles; sometimes they don’t.  If you see something you like, pick it up!

Big Eyewear Companies

Large eyewear companies that include monocles in their product assortment.

Eyeglasses.com (Not to be confused with Eyeglass.com)

Eyeglasses.com is a large online eyeglass retailer.  Their focus is eyeglasses, and they have several monocles available in a variety of diopters from Anglo-American and Chakra Eyewear.

Eyeglass.com (Not to be confused with Eyeglasses.com)

Eyeglass.com is another large online eyeglass retailer.  They also focus on eyeglasses, and they have a few monocles available.  They also have a large collection of pendant magnifiers, lorgnettes, and pince nez glasses.


Go-Optic is yet another large online eyeglass retailer.  They also focus on eyeglasses, and they have a single Anglo-American monocle available.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a (relatively) new entrant to the online eyeglasses market.  They have strong branding and beautiful photography!  They also have a single monocle.