Halloween Monocle Sale!

Posted on September 27, 2013 by Jim B.

If you need a monocle to complete your Halloween costume, then we have you covered.  We have a huge selection of Halloween monocles - and they're all on sale through October 31st!

Costume Monocle

Sometimes referred to as a theatrical monocle, our costume monocle is a classic addition to aristocrats, villains, professors, or other great costumes.  It's also a great accoutrement if you're looking to enhance you Steampunk, Edwardian, or Victorian outfit.

Our costume monocle comes in either Silver or Gold, and uses the same high quality frame found in our Classic Monocle.  The plano lens is CR-39 plastic and won't break or pop out if dropped.

Tinted Monocle

Add some color to your monocle - and your costume - for even more fun.  Our Tinted Monocles come in a wide range of colors and are lots of fun.  The tinting makes the monocle look a little less serious - perfect for whimsical outfits.

And we can color match!  Just send us a sample and we'll match any color you provide.  Send an email to customerservice@nearsights.com for more information.

Remember: Our tinted monocles are custom made for each order; please allow 10 business days for delivery.

Mirror Monocle

Looking for something that *really* stands out?  Pick up one of our Mirror Monocles.  These come in three colors: Silver-on-Silver, Gold-on-Gold, or Blue-on-Gold.  The CR-39 plastic lenses in these monocles are tinted and then coated with a hard mirror finish - they are incredibly reflective and are a great addition to any costume.  Add a Matching Satin Lanyard for the complete package.

Remember: Our mirror monocles are custom made for each order; please allow 10 business days for delivery.


Don't forget to send us a picture with your monocle - we'd love to feature you on our blog and social media.

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Happy Halloween!